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In the past, it was much difficult for the patients to pay their medical services fee and other hospital dues. They have to wait for hours and sometimes payment records misplace by the hospital or patient that cause big problems for the patients.

In additions to this, they have to wait a lot for the clinical results and patient have to go to laboratories and clinics to get their test results that is much difficult for the patients. Now in this digital world, these problems have been solved by the QuickPayPortal. 

quickpayportal - manage patien medical bill online

          “QuickPayPortal (www.QuickPayPortal.com) is an online billing portal where patients can pay their medical dues, book appointments, get clinical results, access and manage medical records and many more.” This amazing billing portal was launched by the Athena Health, Inc. 

Athena Health is a cloud-based American company that provides the number of services in the healthcare sector. Paying clinical dues, booking the appointment with a doctor, getting lab results and paying the consultation fee online is much easy with this great invention of Athena Health. 

QuickPayPortal is easy to use and its homepage provides you answer of each and every question you have. In this article, you will come to know how you can sign-up and then log-in into your account to manage your hospitalization.

How To Sign-Up For QucikPayPortal?

Requirements For The QuickPayPortal Registration Process:

    • A valid email address
    • Internet connection with browsers like Internet Explorer 7,8 Firefox or Safari. 
    • Bowser should have 126-bit encryption to accept the cookies.
    • You should also have Adobe reader to view your record lists and reports as these files are more compatible with this software.
  • And the most important is the Quickpay Code. QuickPay Code is a unique 15-digit number like (PS5A-HJT6-ARL1-3CC) that is different for every patent. Quick pay code also known as an Access code or Statement ID that is patient identity used by QucikPayPortal to keep the record of patients. Make sure Quickpay code is compulsory for the Sign-Up on QucikPayPortal and you can find this code on the Patient statement.

Now Follow The Below Mentioned Steps To Sign-Up:

    1. Head over to official website www.QuickPayPortal.com.
    1. In the homepage type in your Quickpay code and Click on “Sign-Up Today.”

Quickpay Portal - pay medical bills

Now a Sign-Up form will be displayed and fill in your following details:

    • First name
    • Last name
    • Phone number
    • Valid email
    • Date of Birth (DOB)
    • Address
    • Social Security Number (SSN)
    • Password

After filling the form, now Click on the “Sign-Up” button. After a few seconds, your account will be created and you will navigate to your QuickPayPortal dashboard.

It is always recommended do not share your password and other login information. As a precaution write your login information on a page and save it so, you will never face login issue in future.

How To Sign-In into QuickPayPortal?

Here are the simple steps to Sign-In into your Quickpay account:

    1. Open your preferred internet browser and visit the website www.QuickPayPortal.com.
    2. On the home page, you will see a text section where you have to provide your QuickPay code, Access code or Statement ID.
    3. Now a Sign-Up form will appear then enter your password and other login details.
    4. Click on “Sign-In” button and you will navigate to your QuickPayPortal dashboard.
    5. Here you can manage your bills, appointments, check your test results and many features like this.

quickpayportal sign in

How To Pay Medical Bills Through QuickPayPortal?

    1. Head over to the official website of QuickPayPortal. (www.QuickPayPortal.com)
    2. In the homepage, you have to fill in your Quickpay code, Date of Birth and phone number.
    3. After filling your Login-In details, Click on “Sign-In” button and you will move to your dashboard.
    4. In the dashboard, you will see your appointments, date of visit and account balance etc. Now Click on “Billing Tab.
    5. Click on “Billing and Payment” option.
    6. Now Click on “Pay Online.”
    7. Now select your desired payment method like Debit/Credit Card or Net Banking.
    8. Fill in your payment details and Click on the “Pay” button.
    9. Now your dues will be paid just in seconds and at the end, you will receive a confirmation slip.

QuickPay Code Issues You May Face During Sign-In And Their Solutions:

    • QuickPay Code is invalid. To resolve this issue please try again.
    • QuickPay Code is no longer valid. Its means this bill is already paid instead of this use new bill Quickpay code.
    • QuickPay Code has expired. Its mean the bill you are using is old more than a year.
    • Your session has timed out. To fix it please Sign-In again.

How Can I Request For A Appointment Using QuickPayPortal?

        Here are the simple steps through which you can easily request an appointment:

    1. Firstly, go to www.QuickPayPortal.com.
    2. Log-In to your account by providing your specific Log-In Details.
    3. Click on “Messages” tab in the homepage of QuickPayPortal.
    4. Now Click on the “Compose Message” button.
    5. After it, you have to choose “Appointments and Scheduling” from the drop-down menu.
    6. Choose your desired options like provider, office location, time of day, and preferred days of the week.
    7. Type your subject and message in details.
    8. Click on “Send” button.

Basic Responsibilities of QuickPayPortal:

    • Keep safe your personal information that you have provided on the website.
    • Manages your clinical records and regularly sent you alerts of your appointments and test results etc.
    • QuickPayPortal does not share your clinical information or any other files of your hospitalization.
    • Confirm your every payment which is paid though Quickpay code.
  • Secure your account and billing information with the rock-solid security system.

QuickPayPortal Mobile Application:

Official mobile application of QuickPayPortal has not launched yet. According to Athena Health app will be launched as soon as possible. The app will also offer the same services in the same way and it will be more helpful for the patient to manage their bills and appointment etc. as everybody has easy access to mobile.

Benefits Of QuickPayPortal:

         Quickpay is a trusted and secure platform that provide a number of benefits to their customers. Some of its major benefits are listed below:

    • Manage appointments.
    • Pay all medical bill online.
    • The patient will check the symptoms through symptoms checker and this feature is much helpful to understand the disorder.
    • Receive your all lab test results at one place.
    • Manage and check all payment and medical history.
    • 24/7 customer support that will allow you to pay your bills anytime.
    • Provide emergency medical number. You can call at 911 if you need quick assistance from the healthcare provider.

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